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sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009

Science resources by SPJ - Space and Astronomy


NASA Earth Image Database
Thousands of pictures of earth and other research materials.

NASA Images Library
Great research and interactive tools.

NASA: Space Shuttle and International Space Station
Tracks solar wind, meteors, planet temps, etc.

Space Station Page
Links to several industry sites. Astronomy Center

NASA Watch
Track articles that criticize NASA.

NASA: Apollo 11

NASA Histories

NASA: History of Missions

NASA Apollo Gallery

We Choose the Moon
Cool Flash animation of the Apollo 11 mission. Includes a desktop tracker.

NASA Restored Footage of Apollo 11 Moon Landing

CNN: Apollo 11 at 30 The Story of Apollo 11

PBS Nova: To the Moon

Newseum: Dateline Moon

Poynter: History of U.S. Space Flight Links and Bibliography

NASA: Columbia Accident Investigation Board
Regular updates on the findings of the shuttle crash.

The Center for Orbital and Re-entry Debris Studies

Space Shuttle: Thermal Stress
A 1987 .PDF report about thermal stress on the orbiter upon re-entry.

Shuttle Independent Assessment Team(SIAT)Report, 2000 (.PDF file)

CNN:Shuttle Independent Assessment Team

CNN: NASA Summary of Shuttle Independent Assessment Team(SIAT)Report

IRE: Federal Contractors/Space Shuttle Database

NASA: STS 107 Press Kit
157 pages of .pdf.

NASA's Space Shuttle Columbia: Quick Facts and Issues for Congress
Six pages in .PDF format.

CRS Issue Brief: Space Launch Vehicles: Government Activities, Commercial Competition, and Satellite Exports
Twenty pages in .PDF format.

CRS Issue Brief: Space Stations
Twenty pages in .PDF format.

NASA: International Space Station Photos and Background of Columbia Crew
Interviews with each crew member while they were in space on this mission.

SAJA: Bio of Astronaut Kalpana C. Chawla
A detailed biography and links to stories about her.

NASA: STS-107 Overview, Bios

NASA: STS-107 Media Archive (Photos)

NASA: Shuttle Photo Archive

NASA: STS-107 Research Mission

Columbia Missions (with STS-107)

Google: Columbia Shuttle Links

NASA Shuttle Press Kit on STS 107
In .PDF format.

A Primer for Journalists Covering Space
An excellent master's thesis full of tips and ideas.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Goddard Space Flight Center (Maryland)

Marshall Space Flight Center (Huntsville, Ala.)

Howstuffworks: How Space Shuttles Work

Google Search on Shuttle Re-Entry

Houston Chronicle: .PDFs Shuttle Coverage
Every page of the Chronicle's Shuttle disaster coverage, from Saturday's Extra edition through today (Wednesday).

NASA: Space Shuttle Mission Basics

George Washington University: Space Policy Institute
Benefits of space research, satellites, etc.

Presidential Commission Report on Space Shuttle Challenger Accident
Rogers Commission Report - not all parts are online at this location.

NASA Space Shuttle Challenger: Observations on the Reliability of the Shuttle
A part of the Rogers Commission Report.

Houston Chronicle Space Page
In-depth coverage of the explosion.

IRE Space Shuttle Disaster Resources
There are at least 13 stories in our Resource Center about the Space Shuttle that might be of assistance.

Orlando Sentinel Coverage of Columbia

MSNBC: Space Shuttle Timeline 1981-2002

Google Moon
Use the image map to track past Apollo missions and zoom in on various areas.

Google Earth
Free site that allows you to zoom in on your address/zip code from a satellite image.

PhysLink Astronomy and Physics Online Sites Covering the Columbia
A gallery of cover snapshots from a sampling of sites and analysis of the effectiveness of their approach.

NASA Space Shuttle Challenger: Federation of American Scientists
A part of the Rogers Commission Report.

NASA: Space Shuttle Annotated Bibliography
Chapter 7.

Google: Challenger Accident Links

Yahoo!: Challenger Accident Links

Fear of Physics
Covers fundamentals, teaching resources.

National Center for Atmospheric Research: Radar Loops
Shows debris trail from shuttle.

CBS News: Stats on Space Fatalities
Features many key stats.

SpaceFlightNow: Radar Images
Radar image of debris field and links to data on mission.

Sky High Pix
NASA's Remote Sensing Tutorial offers a big collection of overhead shots across the country.

Great research and interactive tools.

NASA: Space Shuttle and International Space Station

American Meteor Society

Space Station Page

Vanderbilt Space & Science Exploration Site
McDonald Observatory at the University of Texas offers stargazing tools, moon calculator, search and other resources.

Vanderbilt Space & Science Exploration Site

Hubble Space Telescope
The official website.

Sky High Pix
NASA's Remote Sensing Tutorial offers a big collection of overhead shots across the country.


Earth Observatory
These satellite images allow you to see things such as bush fires in southeastern Australia and air pollution over China.

Windows on the Universe: Astronomy

Harvard's Interactive Observatory

NASA's Earth Observatory

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

Sciencemaster: Space and Astronomy's Space Page

Hubble Telescope Press Releases and Images

USA Today: Solar Storms
Origins of solar wind, etc.
This online museum features a collection of more than 600 innovative, interactive exhibits about science, nature, art, technology, etc. Basics of Telescopes

Heavens Above
A very cool site. Register and identify your location, and the site tells you when to look in the sky for satellites, space station or shuttle.

Franklin Institute Inquirer's Guide to the Universe

Check Your Weight on Other Planets

Space Station Tracker

The Center for Science in the Public Interest
Articles, studies, news releases, safety tips.

Florida Today Space Section

Marshall Center Newsroom
The official Newsroom for Marshall Space Flight Center.

Space Station Science Operations News
The latest news about Space Station Science Operations, managed by the Marshall Center.

NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory News
NASA's official site for news and photos on the latest discoveries by the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Sky & Telescope
This site offers a simulated view of the nighttime sky from anyplace on earth.
A top-notch astronomy site.

Space Calendar

A great Flash presentation of space exploration.

Lunar Journals
Read nearly all of the audio transcripts from the Apollo moon missions, as well as images and backgrounders on each.
Educational space site.

Powers of 10
Interactive site explains the universe and interrelationships.

Mars Odyssey Image

Space Media Inc.'s Movies in Orbit

Astronautix Soviet Space History
Dozens of links to background, chronology and more.

Virtual Space Museum
History, canceled projects, etc.

University of Iowa: Space Audio

To The Moon
Apollo astronauts on the moon's surface provide 360-degree panoramas at this companion site to the PBS special that chronicles the untold science and engineering story of how they got there. (QuickTime plug-in required.)

U.S. Naval Observatory
Sun and moon data by year (from 1700 to 2100).

NASA: Apollo 8 Spaceflight Anniversary

Chicago Tribune: Apollo 8 Revisited

Smithsonian: The Apollo 8 Mission
Images, audio/video, facts, crew and mission summary.

Exploring the Moon: Apollo 8 Mission Quick Facts
Images, audio/video, facts, crew and mission summary.

Apollo 8 Video Search
YouTube video, images, etc.

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